Is Real Estate a Good Job? One of the best, here’s why…

The recent pandemic has brought with it many side effects—some predicted and others not. One of the weirdest things to have come out of the Corona era is that people are rethinking their career choices in unprecedented numbers. And as more people branch out to explore their options, many people are wondering if real estate might be a good career move.

Although a lot of people get into real estate, many do not stay in the field. However, people who are passionate, driven, and have a flexible schedule might find a career in real estate rewarding, with many earning a three-figure salary.

Real estate can be a lucrative career for a certain type of person, but since there is such a high turnover rate within the industry, it is a good idea to understand exactly what a job in real estate looks like before committing to the idea.


Types Of Jobs Within the Real Estate Field

Most people enter the real estate market with the hopes of becoming an agent. On the surface, this sounds like a fun career. You can make your own schedule, explore multiple homes, and help families find their spot in the world. However, in many areas, especially rural areas, this is a saturated field, and people often find themselves wondering what else they can do with their real estate license.

Although there are several jobs available within the scope of real estate, the most common ones are listed below.

JobBrief DescriptionAverage National Salary
Real Estate AgentAids clients with buying or selling homes and will often list, market, and show the properties.Between $42,000 and $55,000 with top earners making much more. Commercial agents can make $160,000 or more a year in the right environment.
AppraiserAppraisers inspect properties and assess their value based on the market price of other equivalent properties and the property condition.Residential appraisers typically make between $45,000 and $65,000. Commercial appraisers typically make between $89,000 and $120,000.
BrokerBrokers do a lot of the same things as a real estate agent except they can work for themselves or supervise a team under them.Residential brokers earn anywhere between $35,000 and $280,000 depending on their job. Commercial brokers can earn between $41,000 and $156,000, with some people making millions a year.
Leasing ManagerSupplies management for entire rental units such as apartment complexes and condominiums. Responsible for keeping units full and processing paperwork.Residential managers can earn between $47,00 and $70,000 with the average hourly income being $16.84. Commercial managers can earn between $88,000 and $162,000.
Foreclosure SpecialistPrimary duties include reviewing documents to aid clients who are going through the process of foreclosure understand their options.Specialists typically make between $46,000 and $56,000 a year.  
Title ExaminerPrimary duties include reviewing various documents to decide who owns the property and verify that there are no other claims to the property.Title specialists can earn between $35,000 and $58,000 a year, with most earning around $50,000.
InspectorHome inspectors assist in the buying process by completing an inspection of the home to alert potential buyers to any major problems with the home’s structure, electrical, or plumbing, and will make recommendations and give estimations on repairs.Inspectors often make around $58,000 a year plus commission.
Escrow OfficerOfficers complete a variety of administrative duties, including overseeing the distribution of funds held in escrow and preparing legal documents.Escrow officers can earn anywhere between $20,000 and $190,000, with the average being $48,000.
Property DeveloperProperty developers buy land or existing buildings with the intention of either building new residential or commercial properties or renovating existing properties. They must be aware of zoning laws and ordinances and often oversee the construction process. Once developed, they will resell the property for a profit.A developer’s income will depend on when and where they make investments, but the national average income is around $75,000 a year. Although, some developers are making millions of dollars a year.
Community Development ManagerCommunity development managers handle advocating for, improving, and expanding community programs.The average income is between $45,000 and $75,000 with most making around $50,000.
Mortgage BrokerMortgage brokers act as the middleman between a buyer and financial institutions. They will assess a client’s financial situation, show them their options, and advocate for them to various financial institutions to get them the best loan possible.Depending on the employees’ level, brokers can make between $46,000 and $110,00 a year, with top earners making well over three figures.
Real Estate ConsultantLike an agent, consultants give advice to people who are buying or selling property. However, they can often give more specialized financial and real estate advice, which is why many people opt to hire consultants before making large investments.Consultants can earn between $75,000 and $120,000 a year, with most making around $93,000.
Real Estate AttorneyAlthough this job requires more than just a real estate license, it is a job within the real estate field. Attorneys specialize in issues revolving around property disputes, lease agreements, and other various legal battles that include real estate.Attorneys can make between $70,000 and $200,000 a year, with the average salary being around $140,000.
Zoning ManagerZoning managers handle the various administrative duties that center around site development. They must have a strong knowledge of the regulations and zoning laws in the area where they work.Zoning managers can make between $51,000 and $130,00 with the average salary being $119,000.
InvestorsInvestors will invest in real estate with the intention of making a profit. There are several ways that investors might profit off their investments, including fixing the property up or waiting for the market value to increase.Because of the nature of the job, there is no national average. However, most investors are making a three-figure salary, with many making millions of dollars a year.

Although extensive, the list is not exhaustive, and there are several other jobs that you can get within the real estate field.

Should I Get a Job In Real Estate?

There are many good reasons to get into the real estate field. Not only does it offer career stability, but people can make a decent living within the field. That being said, people often enter the world of real estate with unrealistic expectations, and you should research the various jobs within the field before committing to a decision.

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